Finding a dream home may seem daunting but the fact is, it is easier today than ever before with modern technology. Here are five tips on how to succeed in finding a dream house.


Get pre-approved are pre-qualified before you start looking. Unless you have cash that you want to use to purchase the house, this is the single most important tip. Often the buyer may say “I just want to see this house and if I like it then I’ll talk to a lender and see if I can buy it”. That’s the wrong way because when they find the house that they fall in love with and then they talk to a lender, sometimes they find out they don’t qualify for the price. It is recommended to look for the house that is within the price range to save time and effort.


Get your finances together. Now, if you’ve gone through the process of getting pre-approved, sometimes you may discover that there’s a glitch on your credit report. Get it fixed right away. Get your financial records lined up and organized.


You have to test drive the neighborhood before you buy. This is important especially if you’re new to the neighborhood. There’s lots of information available about neighborhoods. It’s also important for you to evaluate the pros and cons for each neighborhood that you’re considering. Research why neighborhoods are valued differently than others. Check what the commute is like.


Know exactly what you need and what you want. Create a written list with all the home features that are important to you- things that you need. Have an organized list based on the order of importance. Keep in mind what type of a home you’re looking for. Do you need a yard, does it have to be a single-family home, or is a townhouse with a small yard space okay or is a condo even better? Be realistic about what you might be able to expect at the price point that you’re considering.


It is best to do a thorough research on the internet. Check the listings from different real estate companies in that area. Talk to your favorite realtor right away and set up the appointment. It is always recommended to talk to an expert before making the biggest purchase of your life. Experienced realtors can help you in every step of the way making your search and the transaction process less stressful for you.