Home Improvement Pros

We’re here to provide top-notch home improvement work. We’re more than a home improvement company, we’re here to also guide you and help you curate your dream home. Being a homeowner comes with its own set of responsibilities, most of which are not cheap. We want to help alleviate the expenses, while not compromising on quality.

Our Story

Established in 1973 by my father, Wedge Wood Subdivision began as a small family owned business. Growing up around the various construction sites and equipement was a joy for my brothers and I. We loved it so much, we began working alongside our father when we were old enough to be around power tools without posing a danger to others. Those were Summers well spent. Now, my brothers and I have taken over Wedge Wood Subdivision as our father has retired. But don’t be fooled, it’s hard to keep him away, so he has now become our consultant.

Why You Should Choose Us

We’re a hardworking team, with decades of experience. We always have your best interest at heart. We also know, home improvement projects don’t tend to stay within budget…. except for ours. We work with you and your budget while providing the best service and results around town.